Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WHY is There NO REPENTANCE in Babylon the Great ?

A Guest Post by Brother Brendon Patrick, OGS +

1 Samuel 15:23

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the Word+ of the LORD+, HE+ has also rejected you from being……”A NATION”.

How can such a perfect nation repent of its sin?  Are we not a “Christian” nation? Well, are we REALLY?  Do we not have a constitution? Do we not have rights? 


Some are even teaching that America is really Israel !  That’s a very sad false teaching, a doctrine of devils.


America is the Flagship Nation of the NWO, the New Secular Order of the Ages.  It has been lifted up as an idol for millions of people, while America openly rejects the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.

The LORD+ has called to America to REPENT for Decades, and yet NO repentance has come, not church wide, and certainly not national.

America has sealed its own doom.  If you think that this is not so, just wait a short time yet.



--- OR  NATION ---  



America prints and distributes the majority of pornography on earth.

America is also a world-class leader in gun-running and drug-trafficking. Just ask  the Bush-men … or their bankers. 


America supports and promotes and defends sodomy and all manner of gross sexual perversion as acceptable “lifestyles”.  Many “churches” also support this. 


To fill up the cup, America is pressuring OTHER countries  to  accept  these  sexual perversions as  “normal” , as part of the ever-popular  “human rights” for persons who do  every immoral, unrighteous act that human beings can indulge in.

America   supports national infanticide in its government-financed abortion mills. Nearly 60,000,000 unborn babies have been murdered with government approval. Some of these are kept alive and killed at the appropriate times to get higher prices for their body parts.The LORD GOD hears the cried of these innocents... and KNOWS  who has done it !

Once again, America fills up the cup of her unrighteousness by EXPORTING abortion mills to other countries.  If one looks closely,  it is highly probable American money  can be found supporting the EXPORTATION of this evil. Laundered, of course.




Here is the nail in the coffin of Babylon America. They have supported and financed the enemies of Israel, pouring Billions of dollars of financial support into those islamic groups that are sworn to the destruction of the Jewish State and that TEACH and HOPE  to kill all Jews and all followers of The MESSIAH+ , Yeshua+ ha Moshiach / Jesus Christ, Who+ is the only Hope of this world and the Adamic race.

America has forced Israel to give up land that was its own, won in a war of annihilation that was declared against them by multiple muslim countries, a war they DID NOT START.

America did this in the interest of a FALSE, two-state peace plan, that favors the “death cult” of islam while setting Israel up for destruction. The “leaders” of the U.S. know what they are doing. It is purposeful.

The LORD GOD knows their plans and says that ALL nations that attempt to interfere with HIS+ Land and people will be CUT IN PIECES. The US, UN, UK, and EU are going to be cut in pieces.

By these actions, America has sealed its fate. America has raised its fist in GOD’S Face and dared HIM+ to do something!




No matter who wins an election or a pre-determined, hidden “selection:” the wrath of GOD still remains on a wicked and decadent and self -worshipping nation.

There is a price to pay for mocking The LORD GOD, and the godless leaders of America, and their “bosses” are going to find that out the HARD WAY!  


America , like England,  like the European countries,  has had GREAT LIGHT.   There is NO EXCUSE for choosing evil and un-righteousness.  


America is not a nation of  heathen people.  No rather, America is a nation of CHRIST-rejectors.  Woe unto such a land !  They would rather have darkness than Light. So they shall.

For the Children of YHWH: 

Get alone with HIM+, spend time with HIM+ in HIS+ Presence. Learn to know HIS+ Voice, and PUT HIM+ First in ALL THINGS.




Heavenly Father, help us to stand for You, for Your Dearly Beloved SON+, and to overcome all things and to be with You forever .

Amen  + + +

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