Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TEETH of Iron, CLAWS of Brass ... Shall Devour the Whole Earth

DANIEL Chapter 7

( This is a Guest Post by Brother Brendon.)

Daniel 7: 19 & 23:

This Beast that is NOW FORMING upon the Earth, shall devour the whole earth, shall tread the earth down, and shall break it in pieces.

All nations shall be shattered by this Beast.  Human life means nothing to this Beast.  This Beast shall speak great things against The LORD GOD and shall make war with The LAMB+ and with the Saints of  The Most High.

We are watching this Beast being formed RIGHT NOW.

No one can stop this

for The LORD GOD is bringing

the workers of evil into alignment

that HE+ may Destroy them

and strike down

the kingdom of death and darkness and lies.

HE+ is also allowing this Beast to form to “Cleanse the Temple” and to drive out of it ALL that is out of order. HIS+ Temple has sinned greatly against HIM+. 

But HE+ warns HIS+ Temple, "I counsel you to buy of ME+ Gold that is tried in the Fire”.  

What Fire?

The Fire that is about to come upon the earth!  The Fire of intense persecution and hatred.  JESUS / YESHUA warned us, “You shall be hated of all men for MY+ Names sake.” 

We are seeing this begin even now.

The governments of the world are supporting and protecting islam. They are placing them in all nations as much as possible.

Islam is the “killing machine” 

of the “Ten Kings”.

The U.S.A. is the “Flagship” nation of the “New Secular Order of the Ages.”  ( See the back of a dollar bill. ) The satanic Lie called the U.N. is housed in the U.S.A. , empowered by it and by the satan. 

IT will enforce a global martial law, a new legal standard,  against all who resist its orders.

Followers of MESSIAH+ will be purposely targeted, as demands will be put down that NO TRUE Christian, NO TRUE follower of MESSIAH+ will bow down to or obey.

The “Ten Kings” know this. 

They are slaves of satan and seek to destroy the “ECCLESIA”, the “Called Out” ones, from off  the earth. Satan hates the Body of MESSIAH+, as he hates and FEARS their LEADER+, KING JESUS, Y’SHUA+.

The Body of MESSIAH+ must be in Full Battle Armor of the SPIRITUAL kind:

  • living in the SPIRIT,

  • sowing to the SPIRIT,

  • Breathing and moving WITH THE LORD+ YHWH ADONAI.

  • We must LISTEN to our Commander and Chief+ and move or stand still at HIS+ Command.

The SPIRITUAL Battlefield  is looming before us. It will NOT BE WON by using temporal munitions, guns, and the like. It is a total SPIRITUAL battle between GOD'S people and the satan's followers. 

 Scriptures are being fulfilled rapidly. Let us seek Divine Wisdom and Courage for the days ahead.

Once the kingdom of Anti-christ arises, it will only have a short time to exist ( 3 1/2 years)  before The LORD MESSIAH+ DESTROYS IT, and gives its leaders and followers to the Burning Flame.

The FIRST RESURRECTION is our GOAL!  As our LORD+ was treated on the earth, so we will also be treated.

All nations are as NOTHING before The LORD YHWH. They are counted to HIM LESS than NOTHING and VANITY.

Nation worship is an ABOMINATION

in the sight of ELOHIM. 

There is NO salvation for an UNREPENTANT and STUBBORN, and REBELLIOUS NATION.   The U.S.A. is such a nation.  It is weighed in the balance scales and found lacking 

There is NO political solution to a DEEP, spiritual SICKNESS.


Flee from Babylon America and its lying standards in whatever way you are able. Flee from them in your heart at least. Renounce them in your spirit.


In the Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty,

and of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and WORD+,

our LORD,

and of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT our Guide.

AMEN + + + 

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