Friday, January 22, 2016


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Pastor Saeed landed on American soil onto the waiting arms of his mother!  His feet flew not touching the ground as he fell into his loving mothers arms.  

As we all know the prayers of a godly mother are powerful.  And God's will WILL be done!

Pastor Saeed is with Franklin Graham and his loving family.

No human can understand the evils he suffered at the hands of demonic peoples.   The dark spirits of that region are unimaginable to us in the West.

We at I Am Not Ashamed will stand by Pastor Saeed, and remain vigilant in our prayers for peace and comfort.  It will be a long road but God is just beginning His miraculous work through this man of God.  

No works of darkness will prevail as our Lord and Savior intervenes for His servant.  Darkness will not prevail, join with us in welcoming this man of God home.

Remember the Words of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST:  

Come to ME+ all you who 
are weary and heavy laden, 
and I+ will give you rest.

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