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A RETURN from HELL ? Dead Isis Fighter Returns, Repents, and Recants !

The Sign of the CROSS
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This post is from Bro. Brendon Patrick, as reported on
 Wordpress blog: I Am Not Ashamed of The GOSPEL of CHRIST.
 Year of Our LORD, 3.25.2015




  HELL IS REAL.       

This is a true story.  

This incident was originally reported to the Aleppo Herald by Fr. Hermann Groschlin of the  Dominican Catholic Presbytery of Ayyash, the Brothers who  do this ministery. 

In a recent event that took place near Aleppo in Syria, a jihadist was killed in a battle with the Syrian army. He received a burst of automatic weapons fire and went down with five or six bullet holes through him.
  The isis jihadist was prepared to enter the islamic "jannah", the perverse "heaven" the islamic fighters are promised in islam. 

He died and was moving toward light, when he was intercepted by a group of very un-beautiful entities which told him to come with them. He was taken to a very uncomfortable place, to hell. 
An Angelic being there told him that he had "failed as a human soul"  This jihadist was made to endure all that he had done to other human beings, over and over and over again during the time he was dead. 

He was even made to be beheaded over and over again ... 

...  enduring it through the eyes of the ones he had done that to, experiencing their terror and the feelings that his victims had at being beheaded. He was made to endure other things he had done as well.

     A group of Dominican Brothers  reported this.  They had picked up the jihadists body for burial, a part of what they do as part of their ministry .

Upon reading this report,  I remembered an Ancient pre-Nicene writing reportedly from the Apostle Paul and one from the Apostle Peter. Their writings are visions of what happens when humans die, both good and evil .  The visions followed both kinds of humans departing this life, with an Angelic escort there to ask and answer questions about what was happening.

 These visions describe vividly what happened to the jihadist!


There is no way the jihadist could have known about this Ancient Christian writing; even most Christians are not aware of its existence since it is not in the canon of scripture (The Bible).

The two ancient writings are called '"The Vision of Paul" and "The Apocalypse of Peter", and they are found in the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 8 and 9 . These writings/visions describe similar things to those the jihadist experienced while he was dead.  

In these ancient writings, the PUNISHMENTS for the un-righteous dead are made to occur  over and over again upon the one who died in his sins, as he committed his unrighteous deeds over and over again in his life upon earth.

 This incident points of the fact that these Ancient pre-Nicene visions are true and accurate. 

As the Dominican Brothers were taking his and some other bodies away from the battlefield for burial, they heard a moaning. They stopped to see where it was coming from and found the jihadist had come to life although in serious condition. They hurried to the hospital where doctors worked on him, amazed that he was alive.

   This man then told the Dominican Brothers what had happened to him.


afraid that he would die again

and have to return

to " THAT PLACE " !

He said that what he had experienced would HAUNT him the rest of his life. He asked them what he could do.  

They told him about The SON+ of GOD, 


and that HE+ is The LAMB+ of GOD 

Who+ takes away the sins of the world ...... 

that there is FORGIVENESS of sin in HIS+ Name

 and through HIS+ SHED BLOOD.

      The jihadist repented of his sins. which were many, and  became a follower of CHRIST. He wants to try to warn other jihadists and muslims of what awaits those who live as he lived. He feels that he was lied to a very misled about this life and life after death.

At last report he has asked if he can live there with the Dominicans and learn as much about JESUS as he can, to warn others to repent.

   Our Precious LORD JESUS has commanded us to, " Do unto others in all things as you would have them do unto you." 

It is good --- when it comes time to die and leave this sad world --- to have lived our lives as Christians having practiced our LORD'S+ Words.  We enter into HIS+ Presence with joy and a clear conscience that we have not gone against HIM+ in any area of our lives.

As we can see here, what we choose to do to others will certainly be inflicted upon us, apart from repentance and  that backed up by the fruits of said repentance.
  A very sobering event. May The LORD+ anoint this man to warn many islamic jihadists and others about what he experienced so that they might repent before it is too late. 

 May the Grace of our LORD+ JESUS CHRIST,

        And the Love of GOD our FATHER,

         And the Communion of

 The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

     Be with us all, Now and Forever, unto the ENDLESS AGES.


+ +  +

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