Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday Night ( Night 3 ) + Saturday Day ( Day 3 ) = WIELKANOC !

+ + + WIELKANOC ! + + + 


What did our ancient Polish Brethren know that we did not ? 

For one thing, they could HONESTLY COUNT... 3 days meant three exact days. Three nights meant 3 exact nights. Scripture is ALWAYS exact, and the Poles reckoned it to be so. 

They reckoned that the Passover Meal, the Pascha, was kept by The LORD JESUS CHRIST on a Tuesday. 

After supper that night, HE+ spent some hours in the Garden of Gesthemane where HE+ sweat great drops of blood. The Temple guards came and took HIM+, led by Judas the traitor. HIS+ faithful disciples were filled with fear and fled, forsaking HIM+.

HE+ was crucified on a Wednesday morning at 9 a.m., at the time of the regular "morning sacrifice" in the Temple and died at 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon... the beginning of "the evening sacrifice" for Jews.   

Wednesday night = night one
Thursday day = day one 

Thursday night = night two
Friday day = day two

Friday night = night three
Saturday day = day three 

So, when did CHRIST arise from the Tomb ? 

On Saturday night ! 

But, when do the women SEE HIM+ first ? 

Early Sunday morning , before the dawn !

The Polish "Great Night" was indeed a great night! Such a night as was never before seen, experienced, or accomplished on planet earth !  The LORD JESUS CHRIST conquered sin, death, hell, and the grave and arose a VICTOR+, the First-born+ from the dead
on that GREAT NIGHT! 

Wielkanoc... the Polish Brethren had it right, didn't they ?  

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