Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coming SOON to a City Near You....

Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling
Courtesy Frank DiMora
Prophecy Signs

Zechariah 12:2-3

Courtesy of
Behold, I+ will make 
Jerusalem a cup of trembling 
unto all the people round about, 
when they shall be 
in the siege 
against Judah 
and against Jerusalem.

And in that day will 
make Jerusalem a burdensome stone 
for all people: 

all that burden themselves with it 
shall be cut in pieces, 
though all the people of the earth 
be gathered together against it.

~  ~  ~

The Judgments of GOD are already set in motion.

It is a FOOLISH people who spend their time ignoring what  I+ said,  what I+ wrote... yet call themselves by MY+ Name.  

You are more alarmed over the drop in the money markets than at MY+ Words of warning. 
Woe, woe, woe unto you.

Do you think I+ do not see what you do in your council rooms? Do you think I+ do not hear your hatred of MY+ ancient people and your plans to carve a place for yourself on MY+ Temple Mount?

 Do you think I+  do not know your Agenda's... hidden and otherwise? Do you think I+ do not know all about your hidden areas and camps... your plans to set your hatred in motion against MY+ people, the ENTIRE HOUSE of Israel 

Do you think I+ cannot see your abundance of food when I+ look upon those dying of famine ... for years ? Remember: Sodom and Gomorrah also refrained from sharing their abundance of food with others crying of hunger.  

Do you think I+ am deaf to the cries of the helpless ones... the refugees, the ones fleeing from your guns, your bombs... or those you pay and equip to do the killing for you ? 

Those funds can NEVER be laundered!

  Do you think I+ am such a one as YOU

Do you not think that I+ know the name of every one of those 55 million babies you have "legally" chopped in pieces, aborted, used in your fine cosmetics, DNA experiments, and cloning laboratories.... your Temples of Death. 

Yes, I+ have ALL those Little Ones you and your people did not want and "legally" condemned to die, innocent though they were.   

They were conceived due to your own sin... and you have added sin upon sin with their "legalized" murder ... and do you not think that I+ cannot or WILL not hear the cry of the UN-born in your land? In this Western "Civilization"?  In this Liberal, Modern age, wherever it may be found across the face of this earth ? 

Legal? Only on paper. And that paper is not even worth the burning of it! My+ Court pronounces the Judgment, not yours.  

Those who have a heart to REPENT, do so now, for your own salvation. 

The Determined Judgments are already set. 

Your Temples of Death... those experimentation labs that you cloak with titles of "research" truly ARE Temples of Death... YOUR DEATH... and all those who agree with, fund, support, and promote such doings. 

They are NOT to better mankind, but to make an "elite" society, with enchained slaves, and to feather your own nest in the process. 

Shall I+ not avenge myself on such a people as this ?  

The VOICE of the Bride and The BRIDEGROOM+ shall be heard no more at all in her. 

Come out of her, MY+ people. 

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