Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HE+ Didn't Come Here to Lose !

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Advent Meditation #7

What can I give HIM+, 

poor as I am ? 

If I were a shepherd, 

I would give HIM+ a lamb. 


But rich or poor, 

I will do my part

Because HE+ loves me.... 

I will give HIM+ my heart. 

~ ~ ~ Poem by Christina Rossetti,
adapted by Sr. Judith Hannah  + + +

Meditation ~ ~ ~

O Victorious SAVIOR !  O THOU+ Who+ looketh upon our lives, knowing the end from the beginning, help us to focus our hearts upon THEE+.  

Help us to realize how very poor we are and that we are in need of everything... everything to make us acceptable unto GOD. 

 We thank THEE+ for cleansing us by Thy+ Blood.+  We bless THEE+ for illuminating us with Thy+ HOLY SPIRIT. We praise THEE+ for not letting us go.

Thanks be to THEE+ and to Our Heavenly FATHER for making a way for us to go through this sin-sick world and  come safely HOME to THEE+.  

Help us to live as though we know  that  JESUS CHRIST our LORD didn't come here to lose ! Not even one hair on our heads did HE+ lose!  

Glory to The FATHER, 
to The SON+, and 

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