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HE+ Sustains... in 2 COR. 5:14

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Let's look closely at the Greek Text of 2 Cor. 5:14, via Jay P. Green, Sr.'s translation, with added insights. 

First, that very familiar verse in the KJV, tells us: 

"For the love of CHRIST constrains us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:" 

(and completing the thought, in verse 15: ) 

"And that HE+ died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto HIM+ which died for them, and rose again."

Now, here is the beauty of the Greek and Latin languages: we can take the words and sentences apart to see what is really being said... words being easier to dissect than sentences, to be sure!

So, let us study the word translated as either constrains, or impels, or compels in our various English Bibles.  

Constrain means to draw tightly; to compel means to force or produce in an unnatural or strained manner, to secure by a bond or confine, to bring into narrow compass , to clasp tightly, or to hold back by force. 

However,  the Greek word itself there is sunechei... which is compounded from: 

  • prefix SUN, which means with, together and...  
  • echO, which means to have or hold. 

Thus, "sunechei" literally means  to hold together. 

In the Latin, we have a word: sustinEre, which is quite similar to the Greek root, with that Latin word entering into Old French and from there, into Middle English to make our current English word:


"Sustain" is from Latin: sub-, sus = UP , plus tenEre = to hold. 

Sustain has several definitions in Webster's 7th New Collegiate Dictionary: 
  1. to give support or relief to
  2. to supply with sustenance: nourish
  3. to keep up: prolong
  4. to support the weight of, also, to carry or withstand ( as a weight or pressure)
  5. to buoy up
  6. to bear up under: endure
  7. a: to support as true, legal, or just; b: to allow or admit as valid ( as in court)
  8. to support by adequate proof: confirm  

So, let us come to a literal understanding of 2 Corinthians 5:14 ( and 15, to complete the thought) and see if it passes the test of Truth+

" For the agapA  love of CHRIST  sustains us , we having determined this, that if ONE+ for all died, then all were dead;

"also for all HE+ died, in order that the living ones live, no more to themselves, but rather, in the ONE+  having died and having been raised for them. " 

The Test of TRUTH+

Is CHRIST JESUS our support? Does HE+ bring relief when there is no other? 


Is CHRIST JESUS our sustenance, our nourishment? 


Does HE+ enable us to keep up ?


Does CHRIST JESUS support us when we are under crushing pressure? 


Does HE+ buoy up our hearts with His+ good cheer in the midst of troubles? 


Is CHRIST JESUS there with us, to help us bear up and to endure until the end? 


Does HE+ grant us righteousness and grant us Truth and Validity before the Throne of GOD? 


Does Our LORD JESUS CHRIST support us with adequate proof and confirm to us that we are HIS+ and will be in Heaven? 


Yes... all the promises of GOD are yea, yea in CHRIST JESUS!  And thankfully so! 

Therefore, I submit to the brethren in CHRIST , that sustains is the correct English concept and English word instead of constrains in 2 Corinthians 5:14... based on the literal rendition of the Greek text. 

The AgapA love of CHRIST may work to "constrain" us , keeping us back from sin and hurting others... 
...our love for HIM+  is greater than our love for ourselves. 

But, in this passage, the AgapA love of CHRIST seems to be what literally sustains us , and that, in every circumstance HE+ allows to come our way. 

Bless GOD: 
... both now and forever, 
world without end. 

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