Thursday, July 21, 2011

A WORD from The LORD...

The days are close at hand
when sorrow shall fill this land.

MY+ people are drowning
in a sea of goods,
in a sea of lies.

Their hands are filled with pleasures
and their hearts are full of Self.

No-one shall see GOD
if he does not do MY+ Will.

Gadgets, conveniences, eye-pleasures
are consuming the thoughts of MY+ people.

Learn to live simply.
Learn to sit quietly
in MY+ stillness.

I am the TRUE LIFE...
not modern conveniences !
+  +  +

A Word from Sister Judith Hannah:

Throughout the month of July, I have been away from the computer to minister to my Mother, who has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.  Although there is no known cure, dietary changes can enable a person to live more active with a better quality of life.

Changing dietary patterns is not a welcome effort, however, amongst the elderly !

I am thankful for the prayer support I had during the time I spent in my childhood home and thus, was kept victoriously during the various spiritual battles that occur in such a setting; my birth family is not saved.  

I glory in The LORD'S  great salvation... so rich and freely given... to every person who humbles himself and repents, whether rich or poor. What a treasure we've been given, in these earthen vessels of ours!

~ ~ ~

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