Saturday, December 11, 2010

What CHILD+ is This?

...While shepherds watch are keeping.

Advent 2010
Meditation #4

The shepherds kept their watch ... all through the night. They did this to guard the flock around the clock. Thus, there were those ever-ready men who were awake and on the watch when the Angels appeared unto them, announcing the Advent of their long-awaited MESSIAH+.


"What, could ye not watch with ME+ one hour? "



and pray

that ye enter not into temptation:

the spirit indeed is willing

but the flesh is weak."


Do we set aside time to watch and pray,

even one hour,

with Our LORD

... so that HIS+ concerns become our concerns?

... so that HIS+ Will becomes our will?

... so that HIS+ mind will be in us?



Do we think that it just "happens"

that we will somehow know

the mind of CHRIST,

HIS+ will,

HIS+ concerns?


Do we think that we are so strong that we can circumvent HIS+ admonishment to "watch and pray" ?


Do we think that HIS+ words

that the "... flesh is weak... "

do not apply to us?


The "flesh is weak" is what HE+ said to those who walked with HIM+ daily, seeing HIM+ in the flesh, hearing HIS+ words and teachings, watching HIS+ miracles unfold.


What would HE+ say to us, today?


Do we TRULY think we can spend most of our waking hours

taking care of the temporal ...

yet reap spiritual discernment

and the knowledge of HIS+ will ?


"What, could ye not watch with me one hour? "

+ + +

Whose child are you ?

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