Sunday, January 31, 2010


Christian marriages, as we all know, are to reflect to the world CHRIST and HIS+ BRIDE, the church. So often, however, they reflect a battle of Selves.

Far from reflecting CHRIST JESUS, the marriage partners do well if they can spend one day together without arguing. Oftentimes, one ... or both... partners live lives of deep and bitter dispair.
How, then, would CHRIST

have us to behave

if we are caught*
in such a situation?


Yes, "caught" is the correct word here because people change. Oftentimes a couple will start out thinking they are equally yoked, as per Scripture. One may be more spiritually-minded than his partner, but that is often overlooked by the couple in love and sadly, by their church elders and parents.

Yet, even if the marriage partners are VERY equally yoked, people go through changes. If the marriage partners change together, in the same direction, then the marriage will stay intact. But if they don't change in unison, then the enemy wreaks havoc in their midst... unless one of the partners chooses to go deeper with CHRIST JESUS.

HE+ is the only way

for a dis-jointed marriage

to correct itself.


The Cross is set in stone and dirt,

The uprights made of coarse, hewn wood.

Established there, upon our hurt,

It is the Way HE+ trod.

The Cross is set within my heart;

The uprights hold my soul.

It is established for my good,

Now I call it home.



With my whole heart I cry unto THEE+. I pour out my troubles before THEE+, O THOU+ Who+ knewest great affliction and sorrow. When my spirit is over-whelmed within me, I will look only to THEE+ Who+ alone can see in the darkness. Even though no-one cares for my soul, I will say THOU+ art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living. O Rock of Ages, I will hide myself in THEE+until these troubles be overpast. Keep me as the apple of Thine+ eye.


O Gracious ONE+ Who+ will not let me go... I yield my life, my love, and my broken dreams unto THEE+, knowing I can entrust them all into Thy+ keeping. Correct the vision I have of myself and why I am in this marriage union. Conform me and my marriage into what THOU+ wouldst have it to be... to bring glory unto THEE+ ...and to reflect Who+ THOU+ art unto this dead and dying world.


In Thy+ Holy Name, O LORD CHRIST, I pray, and in the name of Thy Holy FATHER, and Thy HOLY SPIRIT, I worship and praise Thy+ Holy Goodness to me and to all the sons of men.


+ + +


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