Monday, January 4, 2010

Only ONE Chair...

...And only ONE occupant at a time, is the rule.

I am the LORD:
that is My Name:
and My Glory
will I not give to another,
neither My praise to graven images.
Isaiah 42:8

This wonderful piece of Christian "art" will never be found in art galleries of the famous. It will, however, be found in the most important places, i.e... imprinted on the heart, mind, and spirit of those who follow CHRIST.


There is only one chair in the Throne Room of our hearts. Who will fill it during 2010 ? Who filled it during 2009 ?

Is it time to make changes? None of us are getting younger. All of us are marching ever onward toward that inevitable appointment with The Almighty. Since the Keys to life and death are TOTALLY in HIS+ Hands, is it time to make REAL changes in the Throne Room of our hearts?


The question is very simple, black and white: WHO RULES?


The answer is also very simple, black and white: Self or The LORD JESUS CHRIST?


Whichever one we serve here on earth in this life will be the determining factor of our eternal... unceasing... continual... without end... always and forever placement the instant we close our eyes in death. Rich or poor, sick or healthy, young or old, lazy or industrious, clever or not... the same rule goes for all.


Everyone KNOWS we cannot carry one little scrap with our soul and spirit as we fly away: not one dollar bill, not one degree, not one award nor certificate, not one license, not one piece of furniture, and not even one tiny thread of material to cover our nakedness.


Moreover, not one friend nor acquaintance, not one father or mother or brother or sister or wife or husband or son or daughter, will accompany us at that Time Appointed. Neither minister nor church group, be they ever so faithful, will stand at the judgment with us. Each one of us WILL STAND ALONE to render an account of what we have savored during our allotted years: Self ... or... The LORD JESUS CHRIST.


We will enter eternity covered only with one thing: The righteous Blood of The LAMB ... or ... our own stains of Self-rule. Yes, eternity DOES WAIT for us all; our entrance is really rather close. It is also quite certain.


But, through WHICH DOOR shall we enter eternity? The one that leads Heaven-ward ... or ... the entrance into perdition?


There is only ONE CHAIR

in the Throne Room of our hearts.

Who will rule:

Self ?

... or ...



Thankfully, no-one is ordained to go into perdition and no-one is ordained to go to Heaven. We can repent of serving Self and we can live to serve Our LORD... or... we can continue on serving Self, satan, and the things of this world.


HE+ will not force us

to follow HIM+.


And likewise,

we cannot force HIM+

to let us into Heaven.


Only one life,

'Twill soon be past;

Only what's done for CHRIST

Will last.


Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel? Ezekiel 33:11


The WORD of The LORD;

Thanks be to GOD!

+ + +

In the name of The FATHER

Who created thee;

And His Beloved SON+,


Who saves thee;

And the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,

Who sanctifies thee.



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