Saturday, April 4, 2009


Palm Sunday Christians

Blessed is HE+ Who+ cometh
in the name of the LORD;
Hosanna in the Highest!
Mt. 21:8,9; Mark 11:8,9; John 12:12,13

+ + +

Joyous, noisy, and glorifying The LORD, the crowd greeted The LORD JESUS CHRIST with Palm branches waved and clothing laid down on the road HE+ traveled… on the road HE+ traveled into Jerusalem for the last time.

HE+ knew a few things.

· HE+ knew who were genuinely glad for the coming of their Messiah.

· HE+ knew who wanted HIM+ to rule and reign with a rod of iron over their oppressors, the unrighteous Roman government.

· HE+ knew who wanted to make HIM+ king over the earthly domain.

· HE+ knew who wanted more free bread and fish.

· HE+ knew who chased after HIM+ to see more miracles.
+ + +


HE+ knew just as well

who did NOT want HIM+

to rule over their own spirits.

· HE+ was well aware of who had not toppled the gods of Self and pride in order to present a sanctified and pure offering of themselves unto HIM+.

· HE+ was well aware of who refused to let HIM+ control their lives… in every, any, and all aspects.

· HE+ was well aware of who did NOT want HIM+ to be King of their lives… only king of the oppressors.

· HE+ was well aware of the riotous and loud tumult of the people praising HIM+ but who wished to make HIM+ into anything else but a
Suffering Messiah.
+ + +

Sadly, there was no other way to do it.
There was no other way to beat satan down.
There was…
and is…
no other way to win
in our own lives
except by the way of
crucifixion of Self.

Yes, do proclaim Our LORD’S LORDSHIP loud and long… but let HIS+ lordship be in our own hearts and over our own lives...

+ + +


Almighty GOD,
Whose most dear SON+ went not up to joy
but that HE+ first suffered pain,
and entered not into glory
before HE+ was crucified;

Mercifully grant that we,
while walking in the way of the cross,
may find it none other than
the way of Life and peace;
our Passover LAMB.
Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer.

In the name of The FATHER,
Who created us;
HIS+ Beloved, Obedient SON+, JESUS CHRIST,
Who+ saves us;
And The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT
Who Anoints us
for burial.
+ + +

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