Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beating the strongman... step 2

The Epiphany of 2009
[ The Epiphany Season continues to the Passover Season on the Christian Calendar ].
The Manifestation of the CHRIST Child to the Gentiles
or, Wise Men Seek HIM+

Beating the Strongman
Step 2

gives us the power
to attain spiritual fruits;

it is our part to embrace the labor.
This is what Scriptures mean when it says to
“walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing…”
Col. 1:10.

This labor is not “legalism;” it is a labor born out of love for our SAVIOR. Sometimes, similar to any earthly union, this labor can lose the “honeymoon effect.” Then simply out of duty we do those things necessary to KEEP THE UNION TIGHT.

Yes, that works in a pinch. It is not the best thing to do with our friends and families AND IT IS NOT OPTIMAL WITH Our LORD, either. Duty-work soon turns into obligation. Obligation soon turns into legalism. Legalism turns into resentment, bitterness, and anger. These lead to division and separation… the opposite of the TIGHT UNION necessary between a person and The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Thus, step 2 in beating the strongman is to TIGHTEN UP our obedient-love-faith relationship (quoting Bro. David Bercot of Scroll Publishing) with The LORD. This is done when we are closeted in with HIM+.

we ask for Thy+ Light upon our hearts.
We do love THEE+.
We proclaim Thy+ Goodness.
We delight in Thy+ Victories.
We marvel at Thy+ Grace towards the ungrateful
and Thy+ Great Patience with the stumblers
… of whom I am chief.
Bless this offering of love,
Gracious SAVIOR,
and multiply it until our hearts burst
with Joy in Thy+ Presence.
+ + +

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