Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I+ Did NOT Bring You THIS FAR ...

. . . Just to drop you.


and know that I  AM  ELOHIM ~ 

~ the plural but united ~


+  +  +


I +  did not bring you along this far, just to drop you.... just to let you flounder,  just to let you wander along aimlessly to return to your old ways. 


I +  have a PLAN that   I+ am Working   in your life.  This divine plan is being worked out through strife and turmoil, at times. 


I+  am  taking you through these valleys for one reason:  for you to cling to ME+ ,  closer than ever before.


I+  do  not  want you to fear death.  I+  have conquered death.  I+  do not want  you to fear  life . I+ am the Life. 


Look  forward to being with ME+,  should you die.   Look  forward to being with ME+,  should you live.


Live  always   in  My+  Presence.   Live ONLY  for  ME+,  no matter what you are "doing."  If you live for ME+  in secret,  I+  will reward you openly.


I+  will direct and guide your steps, even if you do not realize it.

Be at peace  when you walk through your  day.  Consult with ME+  about everything. Tell ME+ about it before you tell others. 


Please ME+  in the secret places of your heart.  If you do THIS, I+ will please you !  My+ Joy will remain  upon you and your joy will  be full. 



and know that I am ELOHIM;

I+  and My+ FATHER

are ONE.


Return to ME+  in  STILLNESS  as soon as you can,  in your day.  Do NOT go from chore to chore.  One chore begets another.  STOP your  Self.  Settle.


Come and be still before ME+ and know  that I am ELOHIM. 


I+  am Jehovah-Jirah, your Provider. 

I+ know what you need. 

It is STILLNESS with ME+.  



Come now.

+  +  +

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