Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Courtesy of

no man 
hath ascended up to Heaven, 
but HE+ 
that came down from Heaven, 
even the SON+ of Man
which IS in Heaven ! 
Words of JESUS
before HE+ was crucified
and Resurrected, 
as recorded in John 3:13

Now that
what is it 
but that 
also descended 



the lower parts 

of the earth ? 

Courtesy of
that descended 
is the same also that ascended 
up far 
above all Heavens, 
might fill all things. 
Ephesians 4: 9, 10

... Go to MY+ Brethren and say unto them,  
I+ ascend unto MY+ FATHER 
and your FATHER   
and to MY+ GOD 
and your GOD. 
John 20: 17b

...What and 
if ye shall see 
the SON+ of Man 
ascend up where 
was before ?
John 6:62

My Brethren, 

You watch all things temporal but you need to watch things in Heavenly places. Times are changing. Soon, life will not continue on as it has been. Times are changing.  Take heed, lest your heart be over-charged with surfeiting and entanglements of your temporal existence. It will be gone in an instant. 

You do not need new "THINGS;" rather, you need an intense focus upon ME+.

In the days coming, I+ AM the only ONE+ Who+ will be able to keep you safe.

Discard the frivolous, the superficial, the external.... all those things which distract you from ME+. Burn them or give them away. Only you, My+ Brethren, can draw close to ME+. It is not given to those outside of ME+ to be able to draw close to Our FATHER WHO art in HEAVEN. 

Draw close to ME+... close to ME+... to ME+.  

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