Friday, July 20, 2012

Missionaries At HOME: Going Forth in Spirit and in Power...

CHRIST in us... the hope of Glory

During this ecclesiastical season of evangelism and outreach, we who stay at home with our duties and responsibilities to maintain,  may still be endued with Power from on High to reach others for CHRIST JESUS our LORD.

The LORD is certainly not limited nor restricted in sending forth His+ Power to convert the UNsaved ... regardless of where they may live,  in America or in a Third World country.

Here is a true story of how one brother we personally know evangelizes...

"Brother" runs his own construction-type business in  his own  shop at his home. Depending on the builders' orders, his business prospers, but oftentimes the incoming funds run pretty low between orders.

Not long ago Brother did business with another man. Unfortunately, the other man's plans and building business suffered a major set-back and he had to declare bankruptcy... owing several other businessmen thousands of dollars. Brother was one of those counting on a payment for goods and services to this man.

The "failed" businessman knew Brother was a Christian. Even so, the businessman was not willing to be contacted by any of his creditors during this time. 

Brother tried to telephone this man; he had a difficult time reaching him. Finally, when he saw him, Brother said,

" I understand you've had some hard times. Do NOT worry about your debt of XXXX dollars to me; it is cancelled. I don't want you to worry about it any more. 

"And furthermore, when you see me on the street, I want you to come over to me, greet me, talk with me, and tell me how you are doing. I don't want you to HIDE from me. I know how it is. " 

After sharing a few other comforting words, with him, Brother and he parted... as friends.

in us;
the hope of Glory.

being formed
in us;
the hope of Glory.

being formed in others
the hope of Glory.

Yes, this Brother knows how to "evangelize" effectively !  This Brother knew how to use unrighteous mammon to bring others to CHRIST JESUS. 

He knew how to use
the mammon of unrighteousness
to break down the hinderances in one man's hurting heart... a man who felt like a failure in life...  in order to show him JESUS CHRIST, and Brother  himself
"crucified with CHRIST."  

Therefore,  CHRIST was formed that day in Brother, as he chose to take the loss and join in the sufferings of his business acquaintance...

in order to show him

Furthermore, an open door for CHRIST JESUS was made in that "failed" man's heart in such a way that he will never be able to forget what one Follower of CHRIST JESUS did for him in his dark hour of need. 

Yes, this is indeed the season for Evangelism... at home or abroad.  

Glory be to The FATHER,
WHO created us;
and to HIS Only-Begotten SON+
WHO+ saves us;
and to The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
WHO sanctifies us.

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