Sunday, September 11, 2011

Waiting on HIS+ Timing...

Waiting on The LORD to move... to change a circumstance or a situation... to restore a relationship, renew a marriage, or heal a broken heart. We wait on The LORD , sometimes patiently but more often, chafing to get on with the changes!

Here is a story to help us WAIT upon The LORD:
There were 3 little kittens who were the delight of their mistress. She herself was confined by her parents to a stone cottage to tend the fig trees in her father's grove. She was lonely but she loved her work... except for the mice. There was a small army of mice tending the figs also!

They also ate her flour, her clothing, and anything else they could sink their teeth into in her little stone cottage.

So she prayed to The LORD and asked for a cat. Instead, HE+ sent her a hawk, a raptor, who caught mice. That was fine.

But she was still lonely, having been banished to the cottage for about a year.  The LORD looked upon her loneliness and sent her 3 little kittens. Oh, what a joy those dear little kittens were to her heart! They played with her toes and played with each other, tumbling about her cottage freely. 

But there was ONE PLACE she did not want them to go: to her high window ledge, the one with bars across it. 

Why? The hawk, the raptor, sat on a tree limb close to the high window. She knew what the hawk would do to the kittens. 

She talked every day to her beloved kittens as she fed them and played with them, telling them to stay off the window ledge... although she knew, she KNEW that one of the adventurous ones was trying to climb his way to the ledge to see out.

Oh, how those darling kittens hated to be confined to the cottage! Oh, how badly they wanted to scamper outside, to explore. 

They had NO IDEA that the raptor was there in the tree, ready to pounce on them and devour them for sport. 

Suddenly, The LORD spoke into her heart... telling her to REMAIN where she was until HE+ moved her. She couldn't see the ones lurking in the shadows to destroy her life... but HE+ could. 

She understood! Her love for the well-being of her beloved kittens made her understand WHY The LORD confined her... for her own well-being against foes she could not see nor would understand. 

[Adapted from EIGHTH SHEPHERD, Bodie and Brock Thoene, A.D. Chronicles. Some things changed so that I would not reveal the plot of the story!]
But they that wait upon The LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.  Isaiah 41 



Chantimeeka Thwaites said...

Amen! I'm waiting on the Lord Yeshua, to restore my marriage in HIS timing.

Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear One... What heartache some of us bear as we learn to "wait upon The LORD."

You are NOT ALONE in bearing heartache nor in waiting on The LORD to move.

But realize that HE+ knows the rest of the story... other "things" that await you that may or may not be so good.

So... do wait WITH THANKSGIVING until HE+ moves.

Meanwhile, busy your life... fill it !... with becoming like HIM+ in every aspect, every value, every tone of voice and beat of your heart.

(For most of us, that takes some TIME.)

HE+ will fill you to the full and His+ joy will rest ... abide... remain upon YOU !

May The LORD bless you as you walk through this Valley, looking always to HIM+ as SAVIOR DIVINE.

Sister Judith Hannah + + +