Sunday, July 4, 2010

CHOOSE this day WHOM ye will serve....

No man can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one,
and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one,
and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve
GOD and mammon.
to His Disciples in Matthew 6:24
Now, let's look at the Greek :
No one has the power two lords to slave to;
for either the one he will hate
and the other different one
he will AGAPE (love enough to lay down his life for);
one he will cleave to
and the other different one he will despise.
You do not have the power
to be a slave to GOD and Mammona.
The GREEK is important because it brings out the essence of the difference between the kingdoms of THIS world and THE Kingdom of GOD.
  • We see that the two kingdoms are entirely different.
  • We see that the difference is because of whom is being served:

GOD or Mammona, a wicked spirit.

  • We see in the GREEK that Our LORD JESUS CHRIST said that man does NOT have the power ... is totally UNable... to serve both GOD and Mammona at the same time.
  • We see that this servitude is not picked up and laid down; but rather, it is a life-encompassing slavery.
Having the rule over wealth --- mammon--- is the sole most important feature of the kingdoms of this world. Control over things that contribute to wealth is what war is fought over, be it diamonds, iron ore, oil, or shipping lanes. James chapter 4 confirms this truth.
Wikipedia lays the Christian doctrine of "Just War" [ i.e., righteous war ] at the feet of Augustine of Hippo ( 354-430 AD ) and Thomas Aquinas. This was a total break away from the teachings of CHRIST and His+ Apostles which was uniformly held by the Early Church of the first two centuries.
The Reformers, in an effort to correct the corrupted teaching of the Roman Catholic church, unfortunately kept the heretical doctrine of "Just War" even as they broke away from the established church. Indeed, some of the Reformers were not content simply to teach this heresy; at least one (Zwingli) was killed in battle while fighting other Christians !
"My+ Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD..."
Did HE+ mean that literally ?
Do not think that I+ do not know where your true loyalties lie. I see your tears and your zeal to promote and protect the red, white, and blue ... no matter what the cost. Do not let it cost you your soul. Separate yourself from the unclean thing and become single of eye ...before the Kingdom of GOD+ is torn from your hands and given to a people more worthy.
I+ have not called you to defend any secular nation... not its wealth, not its life-style, not its pride. I+ have called you to defend one Kingdom+ alone... the Kingdom of GOD+... with mighty weapons which are not carnal nor tactile nor visible. Remember: If you take the sword, you shall die by the sword... even if you "only" take it in your heart.
Beware of pulpits or "Christian" voices wrapped in red, white, and blue. Their hearts are divided and their true loyalties are given over to Mammona and wealth. They have chosen this. They will have no part in My+ inheritance.
Behold, I+ have set before you an open door.
I+ AM the WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE.
No man comes to The FATHER, but by ME+.
+ + +
In The Name of The FATHER,
His beloved SON+, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST,
and the blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

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