Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the PATHS of The LORD...

the paths
of The LORD
unto such as keep
His+ Covenant
and His+ Testimonies.
Psalm 25: 10
Yes, this is true. We keep His+ Covenant daily by performing the vows of our baptism. Daily we work out the application of our renouncements of :
  • the world
  • the flesh
  • and the devil...

and all his tormenting lies that tell us

to believe him instead of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

blessed be HIS+ Name, forever and ever.

His+ Testimonies should be on our lips and tongues, daily. We praise HIM+ when things work out nicely for us. We give HIM+ the praise and glory due unto His+ name.

We DO NOT SHARE His+ glory with natural-minded ways and means... in other words, we do NOT give glory unto mankind and his ways but always, always we return the true thanksgiving and praise unto The LORD for making things to work out properly... making the cars to operate well, the machinery to work right, the medicines to be effective, etc.

We DO NOT DIMINISH His+ praise, though, when things go awry.

HE+ is LORD AND MASTER of this universe. HE+ does NOT turn a deaf ear to our problems and heart-aches. Rather, HE+ expects us to

continue to affirm

Who+ HE+ IS

and was

and evermore shall be

in the face of the struggles besetting us day by day.



THOU+ Who+ loveth mankind,

we praise THEE+ with all that is within in us.

We bless Thy Holy Name and


Ruler of the Universe,

to Whom+ every knee shall bow...

of beings in the Heavens,

of beings on the earth,

and beings under the earth.

We bow the knee of our heart,


and yield our lives unto THEE+,

Who+ art worthy of praise at all times.

We pray, do THOU+ accept

the free-will offering of our hearts,

unto the praise and glory

of Thy Holy Name.


+ + +

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