Sunday, March 5, 2017

With All our SOUL ...


You are dust, 
and to dust you shall return.


and believe the GOSPEL+. 
+  +  +

Most HOLY and Most Merciful ABBA... 

We confess to THEE and to one another and to the whole communion of saints in Heaven and on earth and before Your Heavenly Host... 

that we have sinned
by our own fault

in thought, word, and deed; 

by what we have DONE
and by what we have

 As it is written:

Thou shalt love The LORD thy GOD, The ELOHIM, with ALL thy heart, with ALL of thy soul, with ALL of thy mind, and with ALL  thy strength.  

This is the first and great commandment.

So now, we confess to THEE, O LORD:

We have FAILED to love THEE with ALL 
of our Soul.

We have failed to remove the LEAVEN as commanded us in Thy HOLY WORD.  Our "temple" is far from being "holy", ( worship services notwithstanding). 

We are content to KEEP ON GATHERING MANNA even when we have our allotted pot full. Nay, we are MORE than content to spend entire days with our eyes on the earthly concerns which our Soul savors.

Our Soul, our Nephesh,  is interested in our Daily Bread more that we are interested in The Living BREAD+ from Heaven. 

We say, "Can GOD know this? Is there understanding in the Most High ?" 


+ + +
TAKE HEED:  Scripture ASSURES US ... 

 For the word of GOD is quick,  
and powerful, 
and sharper 
than any two-edged sword, 

piercing even to the dividing 
asunder of soul and spirit,  
and of the joints and marrow,  

and is a discerner 
of the thoughts and intents 
of the heart.  
Hebrews 4:12

 Let us pray:

O HOLY FATHER, I have played fast and loose with THEE.  I thought Thy SON+ was such a one as myself. 

I have forgotten the sharpness of Thine eyes ... and of Thy Divine Sword, the HOLY SPIRIT.

Thy forgiveness I need; I dare not raise my eyes to Heaven.  My soul, my Nephesh, has gone astray from Thy Word.  It has gone astray from Thy Ways.  

I have long savored the things of this world more than things of  Thy Kingdom. I have offered THEE a pittance of my soul, a corner of it, that's all.

Cleanse me by The BLOOD+ of Thy HOLY SON+ JESUS CHRIST. I now yield the contents of my soul to THEE. Empty it. Shake it down. Scrape it out and help me start a-fresh.

 Help my soul to adhere to THEE, as the ONLY ARK of safety.  Help me to monitor all things which I allow into my soul,  in order to please THEE ... unto WHOM my soul must make an account. 

This I ask in the Name of The ONE+ Who+ redeemed my soul from destruction, and crowns me with mercy and loving-kindness,  The LORD JESUS CHRIST
+  +  +

 Create in me a clean heart, 
O GOD and renew a right spirit within me. 
Cast me not away 
from Thy+ Presence; 

and take not Thy HOLY SPIRIT
from me. 

Restore unto me 
the joy of Thy+ SALVATION; 
and uphold me with Thy free spirit.
Psalm 51
+  +  +

Ashes to Ashes,

Dust to Dust

in sure and certain hope

of the Resurrection

unto Eternal Life
our LORD.
+ + +

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