Friday, September 19, 2014

Sunday's Oklahoma City's black mass

Can a man take fire in his  bosom, 
and his clothes not be burned?
Proverbs 6:27

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Year of Our LORD
A tornado of gas and fire, swirling 3,280ft  into the air
above Iceland's  Bardarbunga volcano,
which has been rumbling with seismic activities
and eruptions since last month. 

The satan-followers are at it again.  

This coming Sunday evening, Year of Our LORD+, 9.21.2014,  the enemies of Our LORD and SAVIOR+ , JESUS CHRIST, will try to hold a satanic ritual where they stomp and spit upon a substitute Roman Catholic "host" .... that is, the wafer that --- to the devout Christians in the Roman Catholic camp --- represents the BREAD+, the BODY of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

Because the Constitution of this nation upholds their right to do so, the city officials in Oklahoma City seem powerless to stop this group's blasphemy, token or not.

There is ONE+,  however, Who+ hears and answers prayers.  

There is ONE+, however, Who+ recognizes that there are MANY who have not bent the knee to baal. 

There is ONE+, however, Who+ heard the cry of Elijah at the appointed show-down, and not only sent fire from Heaven to burn up Elijah's sacrifice on the altar, but burnt up the altar stones and the water in the large trench round about the altar as well !   

HE+ has not gone anywhere... and HE+ has not lost any of His+ power.  

     2 Corinthians 10: 3-6
 For though we walk in the flesh, 
we do not war after the flesh: 

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through GOD 
to the pulling down of strong holds;) 

Casting down imaginations, 
and every high thing 
that exalteth itself 
against the knowledge of GOD,
and bringing into captivity 
every thought 
to the obedience of CHRIST;

And having in a readiness 
to revenge all disobedience,
when your obedience is fulfilled.  

Dear Brethren, 

Here is the crux of the matter.  When our obedience is fulfilled, Psalm 89:7 will occur: 

" GOD is greatly to be feared

in the assembly of the saints, 

and to be had in reverence 
of all them that are about HIM+." 

If we see no fear of GOD occurring where we live, then is our obedience fulfilled ,  in the eyes of GOD ?  

Is our obedience exactly where it should be, in the eyes of GOD? 

Is our obedience such that GOD is SO PLEASED WITH IT that HE+ sends forth so strong an out-pouring of conviction that both saints and sinners are in fear and awe about what HE+ might do ? 

Do we who claim to follow Our LORD JESUS CHRIST with all that is within us, actually take every thought captive unto obedience unto CHRIST... or do our ungodly , temporal, worldly thoughts take US captive instead ?  

How, exactly, do we expend our "thought-time?"  

To the glory of GOD... or to the expression of Self ?

No-one will EVER know, except JESUS HIMSELF+.  Will we grieve the HOLY SPIRIT or  be filled with HIS abundant joy?

Yes, let us stand united with these courageous Roman Catholics who are crying out to The LORD JESUS CHRIST to thwart this blasphemy occurring in the area where they live. 

But if we wish The LORD to hear our cry on this issue --- or on any other issue --- then let us seek to have our OWN lives IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIFE AND CALLING filled with obedience .... the kind that HE+ finds well-pleasing in His+ sight. 

So... after soul-searching, searingly-honest repentance, with clean hands and clean consciences before GOD, we can pray. 

     Praying now, according to the Will of GOD, according to all the authority given to us by the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and by all the authority through The BLOOD+ of The LAMB+, we pray in accord:

That The LORD bind the power of the strongman called spirit of anti-CHRIST, and we agree with HIM+ and bind you, strongman, in The Name of JESUS CHRIST+ our LORD, along with all of your works, roots, fruits, tentacles, links, spirits, lies, deceptions, and torments, along with those spirits of 

  • deniers of the Deity of CHRIST
  • deniers of the Atoning BLOOD+ of JESUS
  • enemies of CHRIST and His+ Word
We, with all the authority that CHRIST JESUS grants to us through HIS+ BLOOD, we bind you and loose you to go wherever The LORD JESUS CHRIST+ sends you. 

Furthermore, In the NAME of The LORD JESUS CHRIST, we command you to loose those you have taken captive in their ignorance or through their wounds or mis-guided teaching.  We command those hindering spirits to let them go towards The LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

We ask this in the Life-Giving Name of the ONLY NAME+ given under Heaven among men, whereby we must be saved, the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

In the Name of The FATHER,
WHO created us;
Who+ saves us; 
And the blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
WHO+ sanctifies us.