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The Pre-Requisite for REVIVAL in America

Christianity in America is suffering. Our churches have no power . . .

  There is no revival happening, although cyberspace --- the internet --- is replete with Christian blogs and movements and alternative news from a Christian perspective. Instead, GROSS immorality is running OPENLY, BOLDLY, and FLAGRANTLY rampant amongst the general public. 

Our churches have no power ...
... no power at all to stop it.

No conviction falls upon public officials nor the public in general, not even the school children... regardless of the numerous churches and ministries established in America. Deliverance from wicked spirits is simply not seen any longer.
There are not any moral standards of ANY kind seen in Western Civilization. All restraints and constraints have been thrown off.
"We will not have THIS ONE+
to rule over us!" they say.

"Let us cast away
their cords from us !"

Vogue teen magazines run "advice" columns instructing teen-agers ( 13 to 19 ! ) how to do all manner of filthy, perverted activities with their bodies. Porn sites run rampant on the internet , with no-one taking THEIR sites off the common air-waves.


There is little power to heal found in most of the American churches today, albeit little pockets of die-hard Christians exist where healings and deliverance still occur.


Now, when we say "die-hard" we are really  meaning those who have literally cast themselves upon CHRIST JESUS .  They know HIM+ and they believe every Word which proceedeth from the Mouth of GOD. They do no care if the public sneers at their naïveté or tosses them aside or declares them mad.


But, other than those,

our churches are lacking power

to produce off-spring.


They are sterile.


And in truth , THEY are going to be aborted and chopped in pieces and cast out as dung. 

 The basic salvation message falls on ears already over-loaded with the philosophy of THIS woeful age.  Our churches have lost their power to bind and cast out the enemy ... the enemy who sneers at the churches and tromps all over the members of the various congregations in any way he chooses.

They have become a laughingstock

to the demons swarming this earth.


Victory in JESUS, a good song, is sung with gusto by some,  but few Christians spend their days in victorious living, here in America.


Yes, American Christianity is suffering and BADLY needs revival. 


But... how is the American church going to find it?  One cannot stomp the foot and "demand" GOD'S SPIRIT to send a revival.


Yet, we have Christians who believe that REVIVAL will come to America.


If it does, Revival will come in exactly the same way Revival has come to countless other places , during countless other times throughout the history of the church.


The Church in China is going strong, regardless of how many have been imprisoned or executed for their "subversive" faith in CHRIST JESUS. 


The Syriac Christians  are having packed churches... now ... in their war-torn, demoralized, devastated country. 


In the most hostile of nations, North Korea, there is a STRONG Christian church operating in it, albeit underground.


If America is going to experience a revival,

it will ONLY be when martyrs for CHRIST JESUS

become the norm. 


Yes... the NORM. 


When the un-thinkable happens, when American Christians are imprisoned, executed, beheaded --- HERE, IN THIS COUNTRY --- for the sake of The LORD JESUS, then and only then, will  lukewarmness be washed away by the blood of the Christian martyrs.


Christians who STAND FOR JESUS will be betrayed by family members, who will put them to death. They will be betrayed at work.  They will be betrayed by the Post Office.


And , they will be betrayed by other Christians... the ones who are embracing the "correct" political leaders.


The American Christians and the American churches who are "politically" correct, busying themselves in the affairs of this life, will never stand for CHRIST in the persecution that is coming. 


Instead, they will continue to take up arms, boycott Israel in one way or another, and forsake their own written standards to become " loving and tolerant" ... of all the SINS of the public.


This, of course, is by design.  But not the design of The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  It is not the design of The Almighty Who is, Who+ was, and Who+ is to COME ! ( Revelation 1:8 ).


No, rather, the rampant wickedness being savored by the public is totally by design of the 10 Kings of Revelation 17.  They are not only hardening the hearts of the general public, but they are nullifying the power of the churches in America.


This is accomplished when our churches discard the Scriptural standards of righteousness and the Biblical definition of SIN.    


Of course, these politically-correct groups of organized religious bodies will not  call sin "SIN." 



they work to change the Scriptures

 rather than have the Scriptures

change them


It is already in place. We see in Canada persecution is beginning for those who say JESUS is the ONLY Way to Heaven.  The Canadian officials have declared that "hate speech."


Now keep in mind that the Western civilized countries issue freedom of speech wildly to all... to all, that is,  except to anyone declaring Christian standards or pronouncing as sinful what the Bible calls "sin." 



there is no freedom of speech

for followers of JESUS.


Those Christians who do NOT follow JESUS, however, declare the standards of the Bible to be "intolerant " indeed, just like the enemies of CHRIST.


So, when will REVIVAL happen in America ?


Perhaps we do not know the date,  but we DO KNOW the season.  And, we know this, based on SPIRITUAL Historical Fact: 


Revival will NOT happen

until the blood baths begin.


Furthermore, it will NOT be a revival in the denominational setting, but rather a revival in the prison cells and FEMA camps, in the torture chambers, in the interment camps of the USA, in the hidden holes where those who refuse to deny CHRIST are housed.


Its leaders will not be the seminary-trained professors but among the persecuted Christians who have the anointing of power from The HOLY SPIRIT. 


Do everything you can

to make your calling and election sure.



 For those of us who "love not their lives even unto death," a sure reward awaits us.  Let us determine in our hearts WHERE our allegiance lies.  Let us teach it to our children.  Let us re-iterate it to our grandchildren. 


Let us determinedly announce it to the world ... knowing full well what awaits followers of JESUS in this age, like in all ages past.


Like the countless martyrs and confessors who have walked this path of suffering for CHRIST  after the testing of their faith ... we, too, will have NO REGRETS as martyrs and confessors. 


Why is the church in America suffering ?


It is because there is NO SUFFERING

to be a Christian here...



Are YOU praying for Revival in America ?


+  +  +


Recommended reading: China's Book of Martyrs ( AD 845-- present) , Volume 1, Fire and Blood series. Paul Hattaway, Asia Harvest Ministries, Piquant Publishers. 2007. See link below for this well-documented volume , with pictures,  656 pages.



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