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HE+ Came to PREPARE HIMSELF+ A People for Possession... Advent Meditations 2015 .... for the Monastic-at-Heart

Our LORD became Incarnate 
to Prepare Himself+ 
a people for possession.  

Hear the Greek of 1 Peter 2:9: 

But you are an elect race,
a royal priesthood, 
a holy nation, 

a people for possession, 

so that you may OPENLY SPEAK
of the virtues of The ONE+
WHO+ has called you
out of darkness
into HIS+ marvelous Light. 

HE+ does not wait for Heaven to begin the process, but rather, HE+ calls us NOW to walk towards the Heavenly realm by TRAINING OURSELVES to live with HIM+. 

This training should be so intense, so thorough, and so well-focused that we become HOMESICK for Heaven and eagerly await our transition.  

Although IN the world, 
we are not OF the world...
just like Our LORD and SAVIOR, 
during His+ Incarnation.

For the Monastic-At-Heart Christian, there are WAYS to train oneself to become single of eye.  

Here are some helpful guidelines for Christian Hermits and Hermitesses, Anchorites, Solitaries, Christian Monastics, Christian Contemplatives, Christian semi-Eremites,  etc., adapted from Trinity Priory International website, which are WORKABLE FOR THE MONASTIC-AT-HEART also.  

Conduct and Attitudes during the Day

* When beginning the day, arm yourself, Reader, with the Sign of the Cross and consecrate it, all of it, in a brief act to the Lord.

As you don your habit, consecrate it and the area of your body it covers, to bear an ACCEPTABLE WITNESS for The LORD... to both the visible and unseen beings.

* Explicitly renounce, with a very short prayer, any vanity or distraction during the day. Make it your purpose, sincerely, NOT TO EVER be separated from the LORD+. Remember  John of the Cross's teaching, that only The LORD our GOD is worthy of our attention and thoughtfulness.

* Ask, finally, with prayer and invocation, for the grace of contemplation and perseverance.

* Know that the devil will tempt you with many distractions or worries under the guise of good reason. Reject these deceits with vigor and don't live as if turned inside out but be ready and on guard. Ask the LORD+ for the gift of discernment and seek peace. Let your principle Practice  be silence.

* Not taking on too much will achieve the best results. May you overcome depression and achieve quietness, listening to the HOLY SPIRIT in inner silence. The LORD+ desires neither your busyness nor your things, but all you are.  Give no place to frantic activity; it will distract you and divert you from your efforts to stay in close communion with Our LORD JESUS.

Thus, as you begin each duty or responsibility, STOP... and make the sign of the Cross and briefly and quietly ask HIS+ unction on the chore at hand, that you may not begin any action without HIS+ Guidance nor complete it without HIS+ Blessing.

* The world, which touches you on pilgrimage, resembles chaos. Most people in cities live in disorder and disharmony.

Before entering a place of commerce, PAUSE at the entrance, asking The LORD+ to help you MAINTAIN your focus on HIM+. Remember: you are carrying HIS+ Presence with you into that place. You may be the only WITNESS FOR CHRIST that someone in the public will receive that day. It is appropriate to make the sign of the Cross before entering the establishment.

 Don't be afraid, nor let yourself be caught up in any snare.  Above all, pay no heed to what is illusionary or temporal.  Attach little importance to what is deemed "important" by the world. Train yourself to turn away from temporal importance of things or activities.

* The left hand need not know what the right is doing. Let the day elapse in forgetfulness of one's self or what you have accomplished through the day.  

If a chore or duty is achieved with satisfaction, remember HE+ granted the unction to you to do it and protection from the wicked spirits that would hinder , torment, and impede your work. 

If the work was less than what it should be, commit it unto HIM+ and humbly request His+ help to correct the wrong.  

* Remember that the greatness of the world always turns out uncomfortably. With the help of GOD your FATHER you will overcome any obstacle. The WORD+ of God, in the hardship and incomprehension of this world, in its humiliation and obedience, doesn't lose greatness but rather is exalted.

* Don't rush about. Stop and be still. Don't take one thing after another impetuously. Have courage to let go of what is driving you. Don't run behind anything. Turn around to close doors carefully when passing through them and, as Carthusians learn in their Novitiate, don't slam them, but gently turn the doorknob. Step by step you will discover silence.

* Interrupt your movements frequently. Breathe deeply and call upon the LORD+ before and after each step. Be quiet. Don't hurry either in speaking or responding.

* Don't hurry to do this or that. In advance of any work or obligation, says a proverb, be distrustful of your own urgency.

* Be firm in your convictions, but be always willing to embrace the truth

Lay all things pertaining to Spiritual Truth before HIM+. Ask HIM+ to confirm, adjust, or discard  what you hear, according to HIS+ Word.  HE+ desires you to walk in Truth.

* Work in silence, without saying what you do. Don't look for recognition or applause. Accept what The LORD+ HIMSELF+ affords you in relation to your actions.

* Know, in all that you undertake, that your true country is Heaven and that now you find yourself in the mystery of exile. But don't forget that you will find Heaven is already in your soul. Your spirit itself anticipates eternity.

* Don't settle down in nor get tied to a rigid time table. Stay within a harmonious order that you can, easily, change. Also look for beauty in the passing of time.

* Try to integrate FLEXIBILITY , that is: the unexpected.  The contemporary life abounds in what is not expected. On occasions you are tried by the devil's traps in order that you may lose balance along the road. Don't pay attention nor become distressed at all  the interruptions and unexpected changes that occur to shift your plans or schedule. Continue as if nothing had shifted, living in the silence of your own interior. Cultivate peace.  ( MY+ Peace I+ leave with you . )

* Learn how to live in a few minutes or, perhaps, in a few hours, what others live in the length of all their time. Thus with solitude, retirement and withdrawal . . . be a monk one day at a time... one hour at a time, calling your self back as often as necessary to the Practice of Silence in the inner man. 

* Likewise in the instances of silence and withdrawal. Especially may you discover the spiritual mystery of the night and make of those hours your own desert.

* Keep in mind that to keep vigil in the night can be better than to hide yourself in the depths of the desert.

 Solitude is a portion of the world that serves the hermit by placing him in the universe of The LORD GOD.  The portion that now belongs to you is time. Watch and pray, whenever possible, extending your vigil into every hour.

* Keep in mind what Saint Isaac the Syrian taught: if a monk, for reasons of health, is unable to fast, his spirit can, solely through vigils, gain purity of heart and learn how to know in fullness the power of the Holy Spirit. Because only the person who perseveres in vigils can understand the glory and the force hidden in the monastic life.

* Persist in vigilance by means of brief prayers. Practice spiritual reading and, where possible, pray daily all the hours of the Divine Office.  Pray without ceasing as Paul the Apostle has taught by The HOLY SPIRIT.

~ the end ~

Let us Pray:

Deliver me, O LORD JESUS, from the hastiness of the day. Help me to re-train myself  to GO SLOWLY  and keep my mind on THEE+ as I go about my daily duties and  temporal responsibilities. 

Deliver me from PRIDE of accomplishment, the PRIDE of  being efficient  and busy.  Help me rather to keep a sober silence before THEE+ at all times when I am not in specific prayer times.

I thank THEE+ for Coming and delivering me... at such a great cost... from my demanding INTENSITY over temporal things and activities; they will not really matter in Eternity.

But closeness with THEE+ does matter , at all times. I want nothing to disrupt nor disturb that closeness, O LORD. 

So, IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, I renounce the distractions of the temporal world, I renounce the values of the world and my earthly family, and I renounce every fantasy and illusion that has led me through the years. 

I choose THEE+, O LORD JESUS.  Become "incarnate" in me, through Thy+ Blessed HOLY SPIRIT. 


Blessing and Honor and Kingly+ Power 
are THINE+ by Right, 
O LAMB+ that was slain! 

Worthy is the LAMB+ 
slain from the FOUNDATION 
of the earth.    

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