Monday, June 8, 2015

Let His+ Habit SPEAK !

His+ Habit is available for all... whether monastic or not... there is a habit available  
for every serious Christian to give witness to CHRIST JESUS. 

When we wear His+ Habit in public ...

let His+ Habit speak.

Do we, instead, act like "normal" people and: 

  • use slang talk ?
  • use colloquial phrases ?
  • are flippant and witty ?
  • are casually curious ? 
  • are chatty with shoppers and sales-clerks ?
  • indulge in foolish jesting ?  
.... and thus effectively erode our sober, visible witness for JESUS ?

But let your word ( logos ) be Yea, yea: Nay, nay ; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. ~~~ The Words of JESUS in Matthew 5: 37. 

Do we evidence our Self , our "personality" by : 

  • expressing opinions vehemently ?
  • being rude via facial expressions ?
  • exclaiming when frustrated ?
  •  overt gestures and body language (i.e.,  stomping away, slamming a door, tossing the head, shrugging the shoulder ) ? 
... and thus effectively destroying our witness for CHRIST?

But I+ say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account of it in the Day of Judgment.  ~ ~ ~  The Words of JESUS in Matthew 12:36

Are our youngsters loud, rowdy, argumentative, or whining out in public? Do we argue with our friend or spouse in public ?  Do we act "familiar" with our spouse in public view ....  while wearing His+ Habit ? 

... and thus giving others grounds to mock our Christian Habit which we wear to bear witness to The LORD ?

Do we wear His+ Habit... and stuff ourselves when eating at the local food bar... or family reunion... or fellowship meal... or even at home ? 

... and thus , in essence, throwing off CHRIST'S Habit ?  

Wearing a uniform entails a purposeful and well-schooled setting aside of personality and personal expressions ... when being a nurse, policeman, fireman, soldier, or trained butler. 

To WHOM are we bearing witness when we don a Habit for CHRIST JESUS ?  

Are we bearing witness to GOD: 
and the HOLY SPIRIT 
by our holy conduct ?   

Keep in mind, the root meaning of "holy" is to be separated  unto GOD. 

Who does NOT want His+ Habit to speak?  Who is it that tries to destroy the silent, visible Christian witness to the public ?  

 The Christian Habit of ANY sort brings heavy conviction upon the general public. That is good: to put people in MIND of CHRIST.

When we forget WHO+ we are representing and casually go about, EVIDENCING SELF ~~~ either rudely OR PLEASANTLY ~ ~ ~ the satan uses our own SELF to destroy the conviction which His+ Habit brings. 

Attention, then , 
is drawn AWAY from CHRIST 
and onto our fleshly man
... exactly the ploy of the satan ! 

Then, conviction is destroyed and cast away from the ones viewing us.  They shrug us off as someone who dresses peculiarly ... but behaves the same as all humans behave. 

HE+ must increase, 
but I must decrease. 
~ ~ ~  John the Immerser

The PURPOSE of wearing His+ Habit is NOT to make others comfortable but rather to bring to mind a remembrance of CHRIST JESUS. 

We wear His+ Habit in order to reflect HIM+.  We wear His+ Habit to reflect His+ Holiness.  With His+ Holy calling upon us, we re-iterate the separation HE+ makes between the Holy and the profane. 

WOE unto us 
if we blur that division !

 For, conviction of sin comes only when one EXPERIENCES that stark division The LORD makes between the Holy and the profane.

We do NOT wear His+ Habit to make others see how "winsome and pleasant" CHRIST JESUS is.  We do NOT need to put people at ease nor to make them feel comfortable. 

This is WHY we wear His+ Habit
  • to reflect His+ Holiness
  • to bring conviction  upon sinners
  • to bring conviction upon back-sliders
  • to strengthen the Followers of CHRIST JESUS 

As dead flies putrefy the apothecary's ointment and cause it to give off a foul odor; so does a little folly to one respected for wisdom and honor. Ecclesiastes 10:1
~  ~  ~

Establish, then, a RESERVE when in public. Keep CHRIST JESUS before the eyes and upon the lips. Stop and make the Sign of His+ Cross before entering a building, business, or shop. [ The Sign of His+ Cross comes to us from the Ancient Church and thus belongs to the ENTIRE Christian church world, not simply to one or two special groups. ] 

Stop and quietly reflect a moment or two before answering a question about the business at hand. Quietly respond in a lowered voice and lowered, steadfast eyes. 

 Just a word about  HIS+ HABIT for those who do not wear a full monastic habit in public: 

For Serious Christian Sisters...
  • dress in the quieter, darker colors, 
  • wear SOLIDS ( not print, plaids , or polka-dots) , 
  • wear  SUFFICIENT-to-cover tops and 
  • ample material to be modest for dresses, skirts, or jumpers ... in other words , longer and fuller
  • Ample head-coverings command more respect from the public.
  • a Cross is excellent for identity 

And for Serious Christian Brothers....  
  • Suspenders  
  • or vests for brothers 
  • with dark, plain shirts which command more respect from the public as well. 
  • Long pants and if possible, long sleeves
  • a Cross is excellent for identity

As dead flies putrefy the apothecary's ointment and cause it to give off a foul odor; so does a little folly to one respected for wisdom and honor. Ecclesiastes 10:1

In the Name of  GOD: the FATHER
WHO created us;
HIS Blessed SON+
WHO+ saves us; 
and the blessed 
WHO sanctifies us. 

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