Sunday, February 9, 2014

The UN-Changing CAPTAIN+ of HOSTS... CAPTAIN+ of the Armies of HEAVEN... CHIEF RULER+ of the Kings of the Earth...

Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+
Year of Our LORD, 

The LORD+ does not change.

There is NO 
variation or shadow of turning 
in HIM+.
There are still the 7000 that have not bowed the knee to baal or kissed his image. 

There are the 7000 left who will and do wield the Sword of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

As it says in Daniel, “Those who know their GOD shall be strong and  do courageous acts." 

JESUS said, "The works that I do my servant shall also do”(John 14:12-14). 

This can only happen among the “Called Out,” faith-filled ones. 

The final battle is approaching. 

Let us draw near to GOD. HE+ promises that when we do that HE+ will draw near to us. 

Live in prayer. 
Lift up your hearts. 

Keep your armor on! 

In JESUS, our Life.
Year of Our LORD,

~ ~ ~ Brother Brendon Patrick  + + +

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