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GOD Helps Those Who....

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JESUS said,
I +  Am the TRUE Vine+ "
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GOD HELPS Those Who... 
help themselves ???

No !  

That erroneous concept of "who" GOD is was made popular in the writings of one Benjamin Franklin, a famous historical personage, true, but one who was a notable enemy of CHRIST JESUS ( according to his club memberships.)  

In all fairness, the statement and concept did not originate with Mr. Franklin, but with the ancient pagan philosophers. Mr. Franklin merely popularized it. 

Yet, Christians cling onto this concept. In so doing they identify a character trait of GOD that is NOT to be found in SCRIPTURES. 

The truth of the matter is this: 

GOD helps those who 
turn to HIS SON+, 

We know from our own struggle with our sinful nature that Our LORD JESUS CHRIST will never force a person to DO anything.

HE+ doesn't force someone to choose HIM+.

HE+ doesn't force someone to make good choices... and HE+ doesn't force anyone to make bad choices! 

Neither does the father of lies, satan.

We do all those things of our own free will, whether it is eating, exercising, or choosing to follow JESUS. 

That is why man is very, very accountable before the Judgment Seat of CHRIST.

What HE+ does do is guide us... through His+ Word and by His+ SPIRIT ... as we yield our wills to HIM+.

Does GOD really "help those who help themselves?"

People may say it, and some believe that to be a characteristic of GOD.

However, the Bible teaches that GOD helps those who turn to HIM+

After we turn to HIM+, it is then that HE+ will help us to become His+ disciple.... not necessarily will HE+ help us to do our own will, however.    

Discipleship will most certainly touch every area of our life... if we continue on with HIM+. 

Most believers stop at some point, though, and thus, ALL areas of their life do NOT become submitted unto CHRIST JESUS.

The REAL issue, though, is Self. 

Our LORD will never force Self to submit to His+ Word. HE+ will never force Self to live His+ Way.  

Furthermore,  HE+ will never force Self to enter into HEAVEN, either!

As a matter of fact, Our LORD will only help Self to do one thing: that is, to die to Self and to live for CHRIST.

In this way, by His+ Grace, we can be kept safe from our own Self-Will which will destroy us.

HE+ wants good for us and wants us with HIM+ Eternally, but we must learn to choose HIS+ Way in all things and to practice submitting to His+ Will. ( That is learning to be His+ "disciple.")

Some persons who believe that "GOD helps those who help themselves" do not rely upon HIM+ in any way to conduct their lives, but rather rely upon their own "toughness", their own skills, their own cleverness, and alas... their own Self-will to accomplish their own goals.

This "independence" from JESUS ... i.e., HE+ being shut out from having any say-so in their lives... means that HE+ is NOT their Shepherd; they are in control of their own lives ... but only until death. 

But at death,  the control reverts back into the hands of GOD, the Maker of us all, WHO promises to judge the secrets of men by HIS SON+, The LORD JESUS CHRIST (Rom. 2:16).  

HE, GOD, has placed all judgment into HIS+ hands ( John 5:22) ... and this judgment is reckoned according to what we have done with His+ Words.  ( John 12:48 )

Yes, woe to the man who is "independent" from Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

That person will end up on the "wrong" side of Eternity if The LORD is NOT the Shepherd+ of his life... a very serious, non-changeable consequence...  after death. 

Such erroneous statements about the character of GOD are based only upon human thought and not upon what HE reveals about Himself in the Word of GOD.

This "independence" from JESUS is probably hindering  more persons from entering Heaven than any other sin. 

Are we totally CHRIST-centered, making certain we follow the Good SHEPHERD+ in all areas since life is short and tomorrow is not promised ?

Let us strive to stand before The Great Judgment Seat of CHRIST... unashamed. 

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