Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Flying HE-GOAT from the West and Monastic Habit Patterns

And as I was considering, behold,
an HE-GOAT came from the west
on the face of the whole earth,
and touched not the ground:
and the goat had a notable horn
BETWEEN his eyes.
Daniel 8:5

As the he-goat of Daniel 8 flies into the Middle East from the West, serious Christians are laying to heart...


This WORD of The LORD was given to Jeremiah [ chapter 51:45 ] regarding Babylon the Great. Listen to it:

“MY+ People, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of The LORD.”

To separate themselves, Serious Christians are becoming Monastic-at-heart …. regardless of what the organized religious systems are doing. The monastic-at-heart people are a hidden group, whom The LORD is drawing out of every language , tongue, people, and nation.


The Monastic-at-heart are not “organized” themselves, but rather, are individuals… “ one of a city, two of a family” … as Scripture says. As a matter of fact, the Monastic-at-heart seldom know any other person who shares their calling!

They may or may not belong to an organized church, but one thing is certain: they are interested in ONLY ONE+… HIMSELF+, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. They have followed the Voice of The Great Shepherd + .


Thus, we at the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+, feel a call from The LORD to provide a service for the Monastic-at-heart.

We are offering a simple, home-made PATTERN for a simple monastic habit. Anyone can make this habit, as one brother here made his own … without any previous sewing experience at all. [ Some of you have received these habits from our over-stocked closet. ]

Anyone who uses a sewing machine and knows how to sew will find this pattern very easy and simple to use.

This habit will fit most people. It has an optional hood , optional pockets in the side seam, and dropped or over-the-shoulder sleeves. It has optional cuffs for the sleeves, also.

We will be offering these for a donation to cover our paper costs, shipping and handling, and labor , approximately $20, depending upon the postage.

We ask that you email us at , if you are interested.

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