Saturday, October 13, 2012


Readers... we are thinking of making our SIMPLE, HOME-MADE PATTERN of our monastic habit available to any of the "Monastic-At-Heart" brothers who are wanting a habit.

We have a simple habit with  1) no hood, or  2) with attached hood, or  3) with a capuche-and-hood ( the alb being WITHOUT the attached hood on this one. )

However, before we go to all the work of doing this... for it would be a SERVICE to the brethren provided at cost, not as a money-making venture ...

 > >  >  we would like to know IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN such a PATTERN. <  <  < 

Please email us at: to tell us a little about yourself and if you are interested in obtaining a HOME-MADE, SIMPLE monastic habit pattern. 

Sister Judith Hannah  + + +
Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+  

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Brenden said...

Sister Judith,

I hope that this comment makes it's way to you. I am in Australia and a Postulant in the Anglican Order of Preachers. I am interested in obtaining a patttern for a Capuche and was hoping you could help with this. I can be e-mailed at

God bless,