Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have You Counted Them ?


Bearing in mind that we are "grafted in"to the one plant of Israel, and that JESUS said that there would be
 " one fold and one SHEPHERD+" ,
one can look at the 144,000 as a mathematical formula of completeness.

• 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel ( into which we are grafted )

• Crown of 12 stars - (12:1)

• City of 12 gates made of 12 pearls

• 12 angels guarding the gates

• Names of the 12 tribes inscribed (21:12-21)

• 12 foundations, made of  ~  ~  ~

• 12 different gems having on them the names of the  ~  ~  ~

• 12 Apostles of the Lamb+ (21:14- 19-20 )

• And also, a river on both sides of which grow specimens of the Tree of Life, bearing 12 crops of fruit (22:2), one for each of the 12 months of the year.

• The City is 12,000 stadia long, wide, and high, being cube shaped, like the Holy of Holies,

• Its 12 edges multiplied by 12,000 = 144,000     (21:16)

• Its walls are 144, that is 12 x 12 cubits high (12:17)

• 12 for the ancient number of GOD's people, "squared" to emphasize totality or completeness, multiplied by 1000 to emphasize how many there are.  Possibly, this is the totality of the entire house of Israel, from Genesis to Revelation, all the children of Abraham, both natural and grafted-in, in their final destiny.

• If this is the case, the number 144,000 does not set a numerical limit, but rather signifies "innumerability".

• Listing of the 12 tribes does not set an ethnic limit, rather, it signifies a theological status.

• They are the whole house of Israel /the church/ the called out from first to last, including the time of Jacob's Trouble /the tribulation.

Mathematics are very precise!

" fold and one SHEPHERD+".

+  +  +
......."is not My WORD+ like a fire,"
says YHWH (I AM ),
"and like a HAMMER
that breaks the rock in pieces?"


A word from Br. Brendon Patrick ~  ~  ~

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