Sunday, September 6, 2009

MONASTIC ALBS for the Monastic-at-Heart

Hear my heart when I cry, O LORD;

have mercy and answer.

Of THEE+ my heart has spoken:

"Seek HIS+ face."
MONASTIC ALBS for the Monastic-At-Heart

We are running out of storage space at the Good Shepherd Hermitage. Thus, we think it best to divest ourselves of some of our monastic albs, most of which are home-made. They all have hoods.

These monastic albs are FREE to a good home, but we ask that you pay the shipping. We will ship it or them in whatever way you wish.

Yes, we engineered our own pattern(s), and re-adjusted and re-adjusted them until... only we can figure out the patterns anymore! But, the monastic albs are lovely, even so.
More to come...

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