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DAY 6 ~ Season of the Incarnation

Season of the INCARNATION
Day 6
Year of Our LORD,

Open to me the GATES of Righteousness:
I will go into them,
and I will praise the LORD:

This GATE of the LORD,
into which the righteous shall enter.
Psalm 118:19-20

Where are these “GATES of Righteousness?”

In Scriptures, there are the GATES of Zion and the GATES of Jerusalem. There are fish GATES, horse GATES, and even water GATES. There are also GATES unto the courts of The LORD, into which we must enter with praise and thanksgiving.

GATES are spoken of concerning many cities and city-states in both the Old and New Covenants (Testaments). They are found in our current canon of Scripture so frequently… a little more than 370 times, according to Jeff A. Benner1 and others.

GATES seem to be important to The LORD because HE+ tells us there are GATES of death, Hell (Hades, Sheol) and, even more importantly, GATES into the Heavenlies.

Are these GATES into Hell (Hades, Sheol) and into the Heavenlies REAL GATES? Yes. Likely they are the strongest GATES that exist in the entire Universe. They not only lock in and keep out SPIRIT-beings, but they cannot be transgressed by mere mortal men.

We know that Our Incarnate LORD, JESUS CHRIST, has the key to these GATES. We know that the GATES of Hell did NOT PREVAIL against the SECOND ADAM, although it had against the first Adam and all of his off-spring. Furthermore, we know that the GATES of Hell still do prevail, locking in those wretched souls who have departed this life without JESUS, those who remain in their sins.

GATES are also found in a book removed from the canon of Scripture by Jerome and Augustine, the Book of Enoch. [they did this on no good authority, disregarding the Early Christian writers’ quotations from the Book of Enoch, found in the book of Jude, in the Epistle of Barnabas, and in the third and fourth century Christian writings by Clement and Irenaeus.2]

Where are these GATES of Righteousness
into which the Righteous shall enter,
this GATE of the LORD?

in human flesh,

…His+ “condescension which made me great…”
[ Psalm 18:35, from the literal Masoretic Hebrew text ]

was the beginning
of the opening
of these GATES.
+ + +

1 Benner, Jeff A., The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible, Virtualbookworm.com Publishing Inc. , College Station, TX., 2005. p. 463.

2 The Book of Enoch, the Prophet, literally translated from the Ethiopic by Laurence, Richard, LL.D, Archbishop of Cashel, Late Professor of Hebrew in the University of Oxford, 1821. (Reprint from an edition edited, with variations, and published by John Thompson, Glasgow, 1882). Copyright 1980 by Artisan Sales, Thousand Oaks, CA., 1992 ed., Chapters 73,74 and 75; pp. 54-56.

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