Friday, August 22, 2008


This is my black and white Catacomb veiling.
I call it the Catacomb veiling because it is like the picture of the Early Christian sisters taken from the Catacombs in Rome. It has a white knit band around the front of it. The black part is cut in a big "U", with a slight widening of the top of the legs of the "U." Sometimes I make the bottom of the "U" a little more like the pointed part of a "V," also.

The back of it is long and graceful, but I seem to have it bunched together here in this picture. If the black material is a heavy knit and the back of the dress or surplice is cotton, the veil will bunch together. A lighter-weight knit veil doesn't "grab" the back of the dress as much.

I wear the Catacomb veil with my daily habit dress and surplice apron. When I must be formal, however, (like teaching school), I wear a black or navy suit, white blouse, dark stockings and low black heels or dress flats, with this head covering. It is quite dignified and formal. I like "informality" but sometimes FORMALITY is good; one must simply listen to The LORD and let HIM+ give His+ picture to you to know how to dress for certain times and places. The visible witness will be different, you know, and HE+ knows who will receive it.
Here is my favorite head covering! I believe it reflects the "linen, white and clean" that the saints of GOD will be clothed in at HIS+ Return. I believe the white veiling reflects the purity of His+ Bride. I believe the white veiling strikes a little awe and some fear in the un-regenerated when they see it. It is my favorite, but as I said before, The LORD is the one to direct our path!

Sorry about the glare in the mirror. The flash went off unexpectedly. This is the front of the Catacomb head covering.

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To GOD be the Glory

Sister Judith Hannah


Sister Lacy said...


I love your Catacomb veiling! It looks different and unique. :)

I've enjoyed reading your blog, so I thought I would comment and let you know I visited!

~ Sister Lacy

Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear Sister Lacy... grace and peace to you from GOD our FATHER and from The LORD JESUS CHRIST, this day.

Thank you for sending in your hello! The blog is basically for those who want a way to go deeper with CHRIST... so if you are enjoying the blog, you must be one of those also!

The Catacomb headcovering is really not so unique... although, with my sewing skills, each one probably ends up as "one-of-a'kind." For ANYBODY else, however, they are easy to make. :)

The interesting thing is that Roman Catholic orders, I think, Sisters of Mercy in New York State, wear similar headcoverings. We are not Roman Catholic, so I didn't know about that when I began.

Thanks again for being kind and thoughtful to write. I cannot write a personal email to you unless you email me; the blogspot program won't let me do that. My email address is at the top of the blog page, if you are interested. :)

May The LORD bless your day, now, with His+ goodness and Presence.
In CHRIST, Who+ is our life,
Sister Judith Hannah

LisaM said...

Your explanations - an example - are very good. Thank you for sharing these photos and descriptions. :)

Poppy Dadswell said...

Your blog is so unique.Most people just talk about music,clothes,cars and so on.I am a new headcoverer and grew up in a church like yours.


Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear Lisam and Poppy... grace, mercy, and peace be unto you today, in the name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST... the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

Thank you both for writing and saying hello and for your kind words.

We like the headcovering, for it is Scriptural. We FOCUS on pleasing The LORD in all we do... whether it be by our outward appearance or our inward thoughts... HE+ sees both, doesn't HE+ ?

Our outward appearance works to give a SILENT, VISIBLE witness to all we see... even those who reject a verbal witness SEE THE HEADCOVERING AND MODEST DRESS! It sets us apart from the world FOR THE SAKE OF OUR LORD.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST strengthen you both to walk closer and closer to HIM+ every day, so that you may be found well-pleasing unto HIM+.

In Christian love,
Sister Judith Hannah
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Victoria Rebecca said...

I like your covering. I know this is a late comment, but I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog.
Blessings in Jesus' Name,

Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear Victoria Rebecca... No, it is not too late to add a comment to this blog. I enjoy hearing from you. Lately, I have received emails from a serious Christian sister who lives in Australia! She happens to be Anglican... and is wearing a head-covering, too. Moreover, she said there are other sisters in the Anglican fold who are covering. I know this is a movement of the HOLY SPIRIT, a work of GOD, because most of us have not be trained up to do this. I'm just delighted to know others are hearing the voice of the LORD and who are willing to walk in HIS+ ways and to take any kind of discomfort in order to obey HIS+ word and HIS+ leading.

May the LORD bless you now. If you want to correspond to me more personally, please send an email to my email address at the top of the blogspot.

Sister Judith Hannah
OGS + + +

Kelley said...

Your head coverings look really nice and formal. I'm new to head covering but I'm learning, lol. I do agree that wearing modest dress visually sets us apart from the world also.

God bless!

Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear Kelley... Thank you for your comment. Yes, A VISIBLE WITNESS is worth A THOUSAND WORDS. I was amazed when I changed from normal conservative dress into a habit and head-covering at the amount of WITNESS that went forth. The habit (visible witness) enabled me to speak because PEOPLE CAME TO ME to ask.

The people who didn't come to ask WOULD OFTEN TURN THEIR HEADS... so I knew that the WITNESS FOR CHRIST went forth without even a word spoken!

To some, the witness is a breath of LIFE+ ; to others, it was the conviction of the conscience! A win-win situation, as far as our responsibility to WITNESS TO ALL FOR CHRIST in this dead and dying world.

May The LORD bless your efforts to LIFT HIM+ UP !

Sincerely in CHRIST, our LIfe, ... WHO+ alone is Life, both here and beyond the grave...

Sister Judith Hannah + + +